TreeHugger "Old Faithful" Contest Finalist 3: Brown Canvas Wallet

While many people change their wallet every few years (either from necessity or choice), Bryan Carroll has had the same wallet since his 13th birthday. Well, Bryan is now 26 and he is not done with his "old faithful" just yet. Not only is his brown canvas wallet trustworthy, it also has sentimental value. He plans of keeping his wallet for 26 more years, along with the two things that his mother put inside of it on his birthday 13 years ago.
"My "old faithful" may not be as old as some other entries, but it is as equally as faithful. A brown canvas wallet with black trim was given to me by my mother on my 13th birthday. Inside the wallet was a one dollar bill with the words "Happy 13th Birthday Bryan 8-22-92". I turned 26 years old two months ago and I still have both the wallet and the $1 bill. Everything on the wallet appears aged but its function and reliability still remain exactly the same as it did 13 years ago. The canvas, velcro, and zippers have not failed me yet and I plan on using this wallet for at least another 26 years. Who knew that a non-leather wallet could last as long (tongue firmly in cheek)."