TreeHugger "Old Faithful" Contest Finalist 1: Audi Office Chair

You won't find Tony Pagani's office chair at your local office supply store. No, Tony's entry to our "Old Faithful" Contest is a custom-made chair made by Tony himself. When his Audi looked to be at the end of it's years, Tony took the driver's seat and welded an office chair bottom it. He took what might have been discarded, and breathed new life into it. We could call it Frankenchair, but instead let's just call it our first finalist. Here's what Tony had to say about it:
"My entry for the old faithful is a 1988 black leather AUDI car seat that I've converted into the best office chair I've ever sat on! It's been under me for 5 years now... 2.5 years in the office and before that it was part of my daily driver. I work at Annie's Naturals as a label designer in Calais Vermont and the AWD Audi has been the best car for getting to work through snow storms and mud roads, I didn't want to give up the comfortable car seat when the clutch and body died. I needed a new office chair, the new Aeron chair wasn't in the budget, I just happened to have a base from another office chair that was in the garbage so I welded the two together and so far it's been a pleasure to come to work to and sit on all day. As far as the car it came from I took ever possible good part of it and put them back into another car that I drive today."