TreeHugger October Contest: "Old Faithful"

There are some things that just seem to last forever. Perhaps it is constant maintenance and repair, good product construction, or possibly just luck. Whatever the case, these things are rare, and should be recognized. Not only do they ease our burdens ecologically and financially, they often have character that no new product could obtain. We would like to see your "Old Faithful". Send us a picture and short description of the thing you have been able to maintain through the years (and plan on keeping for many more) by Friday, October 21st. Email us at: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com and tell us why your "Old Faithful" is still going strong.
09-12-05 Show & Tell F.jpg
55__antique cooker 1.jpg

All entries must be received by 11:59pm on Friday, October 21st. All entries, photos, and descriptions must be property of the contestant. By submitting, the contestant gives rights to Treehugger to publish the entry. We will pick the best entries and let Treehugger readers vote for the winner. Good luck!

10/14 Winning entry will receive a $100 Vivavi gift certificate!