TreeHugger in The Independent

A few weeks ago, a journalist from the UK contacted us about doing a piece on the environment. He asked for 30 green innovations/concepts and we send a list with descriptions of what we thought were the big ones that could change the world for the better. Later, we were asked for a second list, this time of 15 eco-gadgets; things that might not change the world, but that were an improvement, a step in the right direction.

Yesterday, a mix of both lists was published in The Independent under "The worlds greatest green inventions" (I bet an editor picked that title!). Some of what we thought were the most interesting things didn't make it to the final cut, but that's understandable (paper journalists have space limitations, unlike us) and it turned out well. We'd like to thank the Independent for the opportunity. We might soon publish the parts of the list that didn't make it as a complement to the piece. Stay tuned. ::The worlds greatest green inventions