TreeHugger Gets Naked & Wet With William


Yes we tried it out (as you can see) and it's true: William McDonough & Michael Braungart's book Cradle to Cradle is 100% waterproof! Now you can get wet and get IT wet while indulging into William and Michael's approach on how we should "remake the way we make things". More about the content here - this post is about the actual book which is the very first of its kind: "It is not a tree". It's entirely made from plastic resins and inorganic fibres which makes it not only waterproof for beach holidays and evenings in the bath tub, but also extremely durable and in most places recyclable by conventional methods. In this case the book can be made and remade into the same or a different product by "breaking it down and circulating it infinitely in industrial cycles". Upcycling (check out our winning C2C umbrella for a perfect example of upcycling) rather than downcycling, which can not be said about the paper we are familiar with (the one made from trees or fibres) as it rapidly looses quality along its way down the recycling pipe and releases toxins. The developers behind this revolutionary technology are Melcher Media Inc. who gave these green and waterproof books the trademark DuraBook. William and Michael believe that "the tree, among the finest of nature's creations, is not a fitting resource to use in producing so humble and transient a substance as paper". Their book is an example of how we should constantly look for more effective solutions. This radically different approach to making things, so they predict, will lead to the next industrial revolution which is "founded on nature's surprisingly effective design principles, on human creativity and prosperity, and on respect, fair play, and good-will". That said the book also feels very nice (soft and smooth) but it has a 'but': it's very heavy compared to normal books which makes transportation not very efficient. On the other hand, reading it strengthens your arm muscles. Thanks Graham for the tip! Photographer: Sergio, Photo editor: Neckel. ::Cradle to Cradle ::DuraBook


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