TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill Interview on Elephant Journal

Treehugger founder Graham Hill Interviewed in elephantjournal photo

If you haven't met TreeHugger founder and fearless leader Graham Hill, the man who first mated the words "green" and "aspirational", here's an opportunity. Check out Graham being interviewed by Waylon Lewis on elephant journal's elevision.

And if you know Graham, here's an even better opportunity: see the G-man wearing something other than jeans and a T!From the trailer for the video at elephantjournal:

"Years ago, back in the dark days of pre-Green Fad-dom (2004), our smoggy future looked black. Four years later, (as you’ve heard) Green is the new Black. What happened?

"A significant player in our society’s shift has been Graham Hill’s—a popular web site whose modern, hip, thorough approach to environmentally-responsible journalism helped catalyze the momentum that came out of Gore’s Inconvenient Truth—and turn our nation’s newfound inspiration into practical, effective action.

"Now, Treehugger’s joined up with the Discovery Network to launch Planet Green, the first 24-hour eco-focused TV channel—and the dream home if ever there was one for yours truly—’elevision’—elephant journal’s fun, yet fundamentally serious talk show.

elephant journal’s editor-in-chief, Waylon Lewis, asks Graham how and why he’s done so much—what’s next—and, in a coarse attempt to curry favor in Planet Green’s circles for his nightly talk show, ‘elevision,’ slips Graham a fiver. "

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