TreeHugger Founder Graham Hill Featured in Short-Documentary About the Future of Mobility

graham hill documentary photo

Photo: Screen grabs from video
Chapter 1: The New City
Our Dear Leader was interviewed for a documentary series about the future of mobility. The first instalment is about our increasingly urban future and how mega-cities are, in Graham's words, "very efficient sharing systems". Graham also gives us a quick tour of his extremely space-efficient apartment (see LifeEdited for more). Check out the video below.

If you go straight to the site, you can see nicer video than the Youtube version above and have access to many mini-interviews with the people interviewed in the documentary (including two with Graham, one about the digital nomad lifestyle, and the other about the inflation of the size of our houses over time).

The next episode is coming on Feb. 8th and will be available form this page.

Via Activate the Future
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