TreeHugger Contest: "Weird Eco Habits"

We know TreeHugger readers have habits some might view as "weird". Whether it is watering your plants with condensation from a dehumidifier, finding driving techniques for getting the most mpg out of a Prius, or even going so far as to turn a chest freezer into an ultra-efficient fridge to save energy, some of us tend to go the extra mile. We think it is about time you got rewarded for these "weird" habits. So, this month we want you to send your "weird" eco habit to us. Our friends at Greenloop will reward the top entry with a prize package that consists of a Vy and Elle bag and a Loomstate T-shirt. Send your entry to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com by Friday, November 25th. We will pick the best entries and let our readers decide who takes home the prize. Good luck!