TreeHugger Asks 'Why Go to the Wanderlust Music & Yoga Festival'?

Yoga instructor Ann Austin is exuding joy when talking about her Wanderlust experience.

Most attendees at the 2009 Wanderlust Festival were not sure what they were getting themselves into. Billed as part yoga retreat, part rock concert, this eclectic event brought together a diverse group of interests and abilities. Yet, it seems like this motley crew had inspiring answers and nothing but love for all of their fellow community members when asked Why Go to the Wanderlust Festival?

What would a Yoga/Music Festival interview be without talking to a couple of yogis? The Wild Mountain Yoga Center owners Amanda Serene Dozal and Mandy Lucchese were happy to impart a few words of wisdom. To them, the festival has opened doors to young people that wouldn't otherwise consider yoga and in an atmosphere that they both found was without ego. According to Dozal and Lucchese, "The deeper you go in, the more you find out. you are a lot more clear of your own shit. You see all of it on the mat. If you are pushing yourself too hard in class, it reflects in your own life. Everything in life shows itself on the mat. Everybody should give it a try. What are you waiting for?"

Shanti Uganda founder Natalie Angell talks about the excitement the thrill of being at Wanderlust and why festivals of such a mixed message are great for the green and the sustainability cause.

And on the lighter side, Erin Foree, Guy Eriksen, and Juli Ramirez list which of the bands they are most eager to see. Plus, they're here because his mom does yoga and all that.

Yogi and music lover Jerry Sypkens admits that he was here to see the musical acts on sunday but then plans changed so he's making lemons out of lemonade. Bonus: Common showed up to help Michael Franti out, so Sypkens is stoked to be here after all.

Davin Chang and Sean Alix were just waiting for their bands to take the stage when they got nabbed by this TreeHugger. While they admit they don't even have tickets for the yoga portion, they were just here for all of their favorite bands. No worries, the eco booths and food were available to everyone so maybe they got a chance to peruse some of the organic goods.

Muralist Alisha Wessler explains what brought her up the mountain to the Wanderlust Festival this year. She was tasked with painting a mural on a 60' GeoDome at the event and hoping that others would join in on the artistic collaboration.

Finally, while cascading down the sheer side of the mountain with nothing but a gondola to protect his fall, Aaron Petz gives what is probably the most honest answer of the day as to why he came to the Wanderlust Festival. :Wanderlust
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