TreeHugger Activism Part 2 -


The first organization we are supporting is Please consider signing up for the virtual march via our partner page, it only takes 10 seconds.

A few days ago we had set the goal of getting 200 marchers, but it obviously was too humble an objective because 5 days later we have 324. A big "thank you" to all who joined, and to all those who had already signed up before we set up our partner page! Our new objective is much more ambitious: We want to become a Top 10 partner. Nothing like healthy competition for a good cause! Right now, the #10 partner is Lollapalooza with 2,103 marcher, so we need 1,779 people to sign up via our partner page to catch up with them. That's a lot, but we can do it. Tell your friends and family to support this good cause and take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (most steps will also help them save money). Related ::The 4 Stages of Global Warming Denial