TreeHugger #4 in Time Magazine's Top Five Best Blogs

Time Magazine Global Warming cover
Time Magazine really has blog fever these days. You can still vote in their Blog Index (please consider voting for us!), but they've also released a separate The Five Best Blogs article: #1 is The Huffington Post, #2 is LifeHacker, #3 is MetaFilter, and #5 is PostSecret.

What about #4? It's TreeHugger! "The most complete of the hundreds of grassroots green blogs, it ranks among the top 20 blogs in traffic worldwide." We're not quite sure about the traffic part (it's always hard to find reliable stats on traffic anyway), but we're honored to be mentioned. A few short years ago, nobody in the mainstream media paid any attention to the environment and almost nobody in the US thought global warming was real. Green really is mainstream now! Even if a lot still needs to be done, we're definitely in a better position to move forward than in 2004.