TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge: Sponsored by Organic Valley


Rushing to get together your entry for our 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge? Fear not, we are extending the entry deadline to this Friday, November 17th at noon EST. In even more exciting news, our friends at Organic Valley have upped the ante for the contest winner. The reader-voted winner of the 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge will receive a year's worth of Organic Valley milk! Thankfully, these will not be shipped to your house all at once, rather they will send the winner enough coupons to score a carton a week for the entire year. In addition, continuing Organic Valley's commitment to local, organic, and sustainable food, they are also donating a year's supply to the Oakland based non-profit People's Grocery (which we previously featured on TreeHugger TV). We would like to extend a huge thanks to Organic Valley for not only helping TreeHugger spread the word about local food, but also in doing their part in supporting local food and small family farmers.