TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge: Show Us Your Inner Chef


Frequent TreeHugger readers know that we give a shout out to local eating whenever we get a chance, and for good reason to. Cutting down the distance that food travels from production to your plate is an easy and very effective way to eat greener (and often healthier). With North America either just getting done with (Canada) or just getting ready to (US) celebrate the fall harvest holiday, we are challenging you to make a local feast for Thanksgiving. Here's the deal: we want you to create a grand feast using all ingredients found within 100 miles of your home. Send us your 100-Mile menu (including the recipe) along with the names of the farms/farmers you got your food from, where they are located and where you are located. Entries should be sent to: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com by November 14th. The most eco-friendly, creative and delicious meals will be featured on the site in the weeks before Thanksgiving, with readers choosing the best 100-mile meal, so get cooking! ::TreeHugger 100-Mile Thanksgiving Challenge