Treecycling Pick Up Service in San Francisco


photo: J. Novak
Treecycling programs have been popping up across the nation, but San Francisco's program is likely the most convenient of them all. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle that I saw on Mother Nature Network, San Francisco residents can put their Douglas firs and Scotch pines by the curb through January 15 knowing that the discarded trees will be picked up as part of the city's recycling program.
San Franciscans who put their Christmas tree curbside through January 15 can rest assured that their trees will not be headed to any landfill. A company called Recology, is sending out special trucks to pick up the trees which will then be turned into mulch using special tree chipping equipment. The mulch will then be transported to a Tracey Energy Services facility where it will be used for fuel in a waste-to-energy process.

According to the San Francsico Chronicle, "last year, San Francisco recycled about 500 tons of Christmas trees, much of it used as mulch in city parks. The city hopes to surpass that figure this year as it moves toward its recycling rate goal of 75 percent by the end of 2010."

If you don't have a treecycling program in your city, you can still put your tree to good use. Earth911 can tell you where to take your tree so that it can be treecycled. In fact, more than 35 varieties of pines can be recycled. And they can be reused in so many wonderful ways. As we have seen, trees can be turned into mulch at city parks and public hiking trails. But they can also be used to prevent erosion at beaches.

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