"TreeCycle" Cyclist To Travel India End-to End For Pledge of 10 Million Trees

In a calorie-burning 3,900-kilometre cycle journey from one end of India to another, a man plans to raise awareness and to gather pledges to plant more trees worldwide. Cycling in the wake of the United Nation Environment Programme's (UNEP) successful Billion Tree Campaign last year will be Shrenik Rao, creator of the TreeCycle project, CEO of a media company and an avid cyclist.In partnering up with the UNEP, the aim of the TreeCycle campaign is to raise awareness about global warming and to raise a pledge of 10 million trees for the calories Rao will expend during the cycle ride. Though the project is already on target with pledges from six different continents and walks of life ranging from a few trees to a couple million, they are still looking for more sponsors to publicly support the effort.

Of course, halting climate change is not as easy as planting a couple billion trees - and hopefully native species at that - but it is a start. Rao plans to head out during World Environment Day on June 5th from Kanyakumari at India's southernmost tip, and will traverse many diverse locales and regions to arrive in the northernmost state of Kashmir 80 days later. The journey will be filmed as part of a six-part documentary series.

From their press release:

"Along the way Shrenik will cycle with, interact and discuss issues relating to the environment and global warming with individuals from all walks of life — from Bollywood stars to businessmen, from cricketers to cab drivers, from doctors to diplomats, from environmental activists to engineers, from farmers to footballers, from intellectuals to industrialists, from politicians to pilots, from students to snake charmers. TreeCycle will reflect on a variety of opinions while educating and enchanting its viewers with a kaleidoscopic visual milieu... TreeCycle is thus an ambitious adventure to inspire and encourage all to pledge to plant trees."

Take the TreeCycle pledge here - if you would like to show your support for Shrenik, make sure you type "For Shrenik Rao" under the "Organization/
Government/Group" box.

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