Tree Yoga for a New Relationship with the Environment


Do you love doing yoga? The "tree" pose (Vrksasana) connecting your body to the earth while your soul reaches to the sky? Then you will enjoy the news that "husband and wife Hal Preussner and Debra Pruessner have taken yoga to new heights with the Tree Yoga Multi-Sling (TYMS)". This device allows users to suspend themselves from any strong tree, in a multitude of poses ranging from beginner to very advanced. Yes, it is yoga meets anti-gravity boots. You can get off your yucky yoga mat and carry your love for Greener Yoga to a whole new level. You already know the benefits of ground-based yoga: balance, relaxation in perfect equilibrium with exertion, and stress reduction. Now yogis can add the benefits of

  • the fresh smell of the trees,
  • the oxygen enriched atmosphere and
  • the pure childish thrill of climbing and hanging from trees.


Tree Yoga in Zimbabwe

The Tree Yoga website has many more great photos of the Tree Yoga Multi-Sling in action (or is that in stasis?) And if you are a fan of Cute Overload, check out the WFAA TV Tree Yoga spot for darling shots of the squirrels doing Tree Yoga as well as demonstrations of Tree Yoga by experienced treeyogis and newcomers.

TreeYoga is shipping the TreeYoga Multi-Slings all over the planet, including Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, UK, Belgium, Greece, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Hawaii, Vigin Islands, Canada, Mexico, ALL over the U.S. Each order includes a training DVD.

The Tree Yoga Multi-Sling appears to be manufactured from standard webbed belts, and we could find no claims about recycled materials nor recyclability. So for the time being, the green benefits of the Tree Yoga Multi-Sling consist of putting people in harmony with nature and keeping them out of the shopping malls. For those reducing their footprint by living in small spaces, easily stored sports gear which can be enjoyed in the great outdoors is an asset. But we hope to soon see the Tree Yoga Multi-Sling evolve to greener materials as well.

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