Is Tree Graffiti the Next Tree Yarn Bombing?

I’m not a fan of yarn bombing trees. I just don’t get it. Trees are beautiful enough without having to dress them up like Rainbow Brite. I am, however, always seeing faces and shapes in trees. This is why The Tree Project by the Zonenkinder Collective has captured my imagination.

Since 2006 The Tree Project has involved painting facial expressions to personalize trees. The aim of the ongoing art project is to highlight our often destructive and indifferent interaction with the environment.

These painted tree were found throughout the German town of Bochum during the n.a.t.u.r Festival. The following are examples of The Tree Project found on the ZONENKINDER Collective website.

The phenomenon of seeing shapes, faces, and animals in random patterns is called pareidolia. It is hypothesized that it's an evolutionary survival technique that's "hard-wired" into us so we can identify the human face and facial expressions.

How much more respectful of trees would we be if we could all see the faces and personalities in tree?

You can follow The Tree Project by the ZONENKINDER Collective on Flickr, their blog and their website.

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Is Tree Graffiti the Next Tree Yarn Bombing?
Zonenkinder Collective paints faces to highlight the grotesque and humorous faces they see on trees.

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