Tree Drawings are Natural

tim knowles lets the trees do the picture photo

We've had artists listening to the sound that trees make, and we have had lots of artists drawing trees but now we have the trees doing the drawing--sort of. Tim Knowles creates pictures by attaching pens to the ends of branches and letting the wind do the work. With paper placed under the pens, the chance movement of the wind dictates the composition of the final drawing. The weird thing is that each tree delivers a different drawing. For example, a willow tree with 50 pens attached to its long, thin branches produces a picture that is light and wispy. Compare this to the larch drawings (pictured) which use 4 pens and are more pointillist with lots of dark dots. The oak tree drawing does look like an oak--does that make oaks the best artists? Each work is presented with a photo of the artist, oops tree, that it was made from.

But is it art? The artist clearly has an ecological bent to his work. He has also photographed the flight of insects which look supernatural. He has a series of black and white photos of full moon reflections on the water. The balloon drawings are produced by a suspended nib from a helium balloon. The pen traces out the wind's movements as the balloon moves within the confines of a cage. Knowles says that "The work attempts to make visible the invisible, be it the movement of the wind traced out onto paper by a pen suspended from a buoyant helium balloon, the path drawn by the moons reflection on undulating water." "The pen moves across the earth: it no longer knows what will happen, and the hand that holds it has disappeared." ( Paul Auster) :: Tim Knowles Via :: Inhabitat
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