Treasure America

"Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton described the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a "vast, white nothingness." She was absolutely correct. The Refuge is what we dreamed about as children as we read books about buffalo migrations, the great explorers and dinosaurs. The refuge is a national treasure ..." It is also under immense threat. The above quote comes the website of Treasure America, a not-for-profit organisation, championed by Hunter Lovins, one of the authors of the seminal book - Natural Capitalism, and a co-founder of the highly respected Rocky Mountain Institute. Treasure America wants to show that there is no need to dig dirty holes in a pristine wilderness to have a strong American economy. Go visit their site, get some background info and maybe even make a difference. There may not be another chance. To borrow a line from a Heather Small song "What have you done today, to make you feel proud?" ::Treasure America[by WM]Thanks to Nick A for the tip!