Trash Fantasy is an Artist's Dream

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Image by Scott Kilgour

The artist Scott Kilgour is obsessed with garbage. Last year he wrote and illustrated a lovely (!) little book about green garbage bags. Not satisfied that enough people heard the message, he has done a follow-up, incorporating sign language.

He says we are deaf to the problem so he is giving us the tools to read about it in a different way, incorporating ASL, the language of the deaf.



His fantasy: "One day I will wake up and all the garbage in the world will be gone."

The message is in the visuals and you have to work it out. He provides the sign language alphabet at the start of the book and off you go. It's a good lesson in concentration and appreciating the intricacies of sign language. Here's a hint: the sequence of pictures forms a sentence.

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This is a fantasy world. There are big fat bags of garbage and there are funny little men, the Bio-Agents, climbing out of sewer covers. They are encountering trash bags on the streets of New York for the very first time and they too have a message.

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He ends with a symbol of hope and peace, the lotus flower, a sign of sun, creation and re-birth, arising from the sewers: life.

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