Transition Towns Training: Leadership in Transition


The Transition Towns movement, a coalition of community-led response initiatives to peak oil and climate change, has been spreading rapidly. Starting in Ireland, and spreading to the UK, Transition Towns can now be found as far afield as Australia. But the process of mobilizing a community to tackle such daunting challenges is a tough one, so it can only be a good thing that training events are now being organized for those spearheading the movement. To be held from the 20-22 of June this year in Devon, Leadership in Transition aims to provide mutual inspiration and support for community leaders:
"This course will provide a facilitated space for you to deepen your learning of how best to build momentum and achieve the two key goals of transition - dramatically lower carbon emissions and significantly higher levels of community resilience. You'll be sharing lessons and insights with your fellow travellers, learning from the collective wealth of experience in the group how not only to develop your own skills of leadership but also to nurture those same aptitudes in individuals within your own transition team back home."

It should be noted that the course is not intended for those new to the movement, or considering setting up a Transition group. These folks are directed instead to the Training in Transition events (and also to our interview with founder Rob Hopkins for inspiration).

Meanwhile, we were also delighted to see Transition Towns being featured on the BBC's One Show. ::Transition Culture::via site visit::

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