Transition Towns Are Spreading: Communities Take on Climate Change and Peak Oil

Now this Treehugger hates to be the one to say ‘I told you so’, but it may be that my 2007 prediction is already proving to be accurate. We previously reported here on the work of Rob Hopkins, and his role in initiating the Transition Town Totnes project in the UK. This community-based response to peak oil and climate change now seems to be spreading, and a number of towns are planning on launching a similar program. A wiki has been set up to provide a focal point for their efforts. The video above is part of the imminent launch of Transition Town Lewes, and includes an unexpected, and rather catchy (at least to my eco-geek ears), rap about our dependency on oil. For others interested in exploring how their community will be changed by peak oil and climate change, check out Rob’s tips for setting up your own group. Via: Great Turning Times

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