Training Communities to Kick the Oil Habit (Video)

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The Transition Movement, a community-led response to peak oil and climate change, has been a huge inspiration to TreeHuggers everywhere. From the gigantic impact of just one transition group to the resulting global coverage of community alternatives to fossil fuels, this is one of the success stories of the environmental movement. But there's more to Transition than communities getting together to plant nut trees or install solar panels. There is a well-thought out, considered and structured approach to understanding and tackling the problems we face in a systematic way. The Transition Training Program has been a huge part of that success. Below are a couple of important videos that highlight how these events are helping prepare communities, and why it matters.Introduced by Rob Hopkins over at Transition Culture in his enthusiastic rant about Transition Training, ths first video explains a little bit more about how the program works, and what it brings to participants. Balancing the concrete, practical steps it takes to start a transition movement with the equally important "inner worlds" work, the initiative is designed to create an empowering and community-focused response to the sometimes daunting prospects of peak oil and climate change.

So far over 106 training courses have been run worldwide, with the total number of participants numbering around 2,500. The poetic video below was produced as a dedication to a recent Minneapolis/St Paul training session. As Hopkins says, it's hard to think of many workshops that would inspire such a response...

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