Toyota Prius Official Car of UN World Environment Day 2005


The UN's World Environment Day opened yesterday (it sure is a long day, lasting from June 1st to June 5th) and Toyota, still working hard at positioning itself as the eco-sensitive carmaker, is the exclusive automotive sponsor of the event, with the Prius being the official car. "With the focus of the event on urban environmental issues, the Prius is a perfect fit as it relates to urban transportation. The Prius and other electric-gas hybrids provide excellent fuel economy in metro areas," says Mike Wells, vice president and general manager of the San Francisco region for Toyota. Better that than having people shuttled around in Cadillac SUVs, I suppose. Still, it would have been fun to see UN representatives rolling around on bicycles. Maybe next year.

::Prius Named Official Car of UN World Environment Day 2005, ::World Environment Day 2005, via ::Green Car Congress