Tournament of Champions Squashes Carbon Emissions


It can't be easy to get a massive 19-ton glass squash court into New York's Grand Central Terminal. And out again. Nor is it simple to host what is tagged as 'the world's largest spectator Squash event' over a seven-day (10-16 Jan '08) tournament with squash champions from 13 countries, and all their attendant travel, accommodation, and event lighting, etc. In fact, it all adds up to an estimated 54 tons of greenhouse gases. But that's where Juice Energy Inc. have partnered with 2008 Bear Stearns Tournament of Champions.Juice, a New York based electricity supplier specializing in renewable energy has made investments in green power and carbon offsets to neutralise the above emissions load. The media release advises us that "With the help of event organizers, Juice created a detailed inventory of emissions resulting from the tournament. Juice then offset the emissions with the purchase of Voluntary Gold Standard Emission Offsets and Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)."

The event gets a clean bill of climate health, while Juice get the opportunity to connect with key decision makers in large corporations. Offering to lower their energy costs by 5-8% while also reducing their impacts on the climate. Maybe that's a game where there are only winners, no losers. Bear Stearns Tournament of Champions Squash 2008, via tip from Fern E.

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