Toronto's Becel Ride for the Heart


by remarkable coincidence Toronto's annual Ride for the Heart took place on Sunday, on two of what are normally the busiest expressways in the City. The Gardiner expressway is a 60's vintage eyesore, but at the slower speed of a bicycle the view from the top is extraordinary- one gets to look down over the City, marvel at old things like Fort York and new awful condos being built everywhere.


One then turns north onto the Don Valley Parkway, built into the one real natural feature defining Toronto and which never should have been built, but at least was done with style, curves and a bit of flair, hugging each curve of the valley's edge. It is so much better on a bike- this 100 year old bridge was built by our greatest visionary engineer, RC Harris, who planned it with a lower deck for subways that were installed 60 years after the bridge was built.

Both of these roads are blights- one cuts the city off from its waterfront; the other destroys the City's most dramatic natural feature. Nonetheless, from the seat of a bicycle once a year, its one sweet ride.

(picture credit to flickr)