Toronto On E-Waste: "We Want It!" (Video)

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Two Canadians dressed in orange jumpsuits (really) want your old electronics. They'll take your unwanted stuff, no questions asked, and recycle it, which is a lot better than throwing old computers, TV and stereo equipment into the landfill. Chuck and Vince are characters in a hilarious video campaign to get people in the city of Toronto, Ontario, to properly dispose of their e-waste. Just put your used electronics at the curb during garbage day, and the city of Toronto will do the dirty work. The commercial is funny and inventive. Not as funny is the thought of all the stuff that people accumulate. Every time technology advances, people get more stuff, from record players to CD players to DVD players and Blu-Ray players. Vinyl records are coming back and new record players are for sale.

"We Want It!" the two guys in jumpsuits exclaim, sending viewers to for more info. See what you think of the video, and let us know of other clever campaigns you've seen to encourage recycling, or better yet, reduce consumption and waste in the first place. I'm not sure how long this video has been around, but it just recently popped up on Buzzfeed and Laughing Squid.

Toronto, for its part, also is encouraging residents to consider donating old computers to charities that can fix them up and put them to good re-use.

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