Topeak ChainBOT


Okay, admit it. You love the wind wooshing past your ears and the balance for body, mind and soul that whisking off to work on your bicycle gives you. But when it comes to those dreaded maintenance tasks... well who doesn't have something better to do? But Topeak's Red Dot Design Award winning chainBOT is so sympathetic, you'll be looking for excuses to pull it out and make a little tweak.
In storage mode, the chainBOT looks like a canine companion. But scratch behind his aluminum ears and the stainless steel body converts into a chain breaking tool, suitable for all makes of chain. Priced at €39.95 ($42.95 in the US), the ChainBOT is further proof that you have to pay for design. At 143 grams, the ChainBOT uses more than twice as much materials as the common allen key/chain tool--which like the Topeak bike tent may not represent the purest spirit of ecological design--but if it helps breaks through the psychological barriers to take bicycling to work out of the "so you lost your driver's license for what?" category and into the "I vote for the party with the city bike-trail planning platform" future, then it deserves a note here at Treehugger.