Top Tweets from SXSW Eco, Day 2

TreeHugger SXSW Eco

It's safe to say that today, #SXSWEco was definitely trending on Twitter. Every minute was followed by 8,465,372 new tweets about the eco-friendly conference (at least it felt that way). Here are some of the best ones.

If you aren't at South-By, no sweat, stay up to date (and eco-friendlier) via the live stream. See the tweet

In the three years I lived in Los Angeles, I might have been quick to judge! See the tweet.

Remember to go beyond the conference. And the best place to start? Home! See the tweet.

Of course...don't start while hungry! See the tweet.

But don't get Fast Food! See the tweet.

If you are wearing pink right now, I bet Mat would want to know. I know I would. See the tweet.

Can I get a w00t for clean air? See the tweet.
See the tweet.

I don't know about you but I find this unacceptable! See the tweet.

Say it with me, "when in Rome..." (Meg says this was actually said by Erik Assadourian) See the tweet.
See the tweet.

Share, and share alike! See the tweet.

Go San Francisco! (I am just saying that because I live there) See the tweet.
See the tweet.