Top Tweets from SXSW Eco, Day 1 [Updated]

TreeHugger SXSW Eco

SXSW Eco is now in full swing and so is the hashtag #SXSWEco. Here are a few of the best so far. If you are here in Austin, TX with the rest of us, remember to hash your tweets! And check back later today for more Top Tweets.

Getting Started

SXSW Eco kicked off with a little love from TED. Go TEDx!

Lyn says it best, "Always bet on #Green." Thanks, Lyn.

Want to know just how green Austin is? Keep tabs on it with the Austin Chronicle. Get more info here.

South-By is getting greener by the second, like this new Rainforest Partnership. Woot!

The Nature Conservency is here too, tweeting away. Follow them for the latest and greenest news too. Or check out

Glad to see industry here making waves too. Every little bit helps. Go Dell!

The Keynote Address

Alex Steffen, of World Changing fame, delivered South-Bys keynote address and pretty much took over the #SXSWEco hashtag. 350 please!

You won't believe what causes carbon emissions. Everything!

On tackling climate change... See the tweet here.

When comparing public transport and driving a car, you cannot only consider emissions. People use those transportation forms differently. What do you use?

Walking increases your lifespan... See the tweet.

As always, it comes down to smart design. See the tweet here.

I think we need a drill-sharing program, like Zipcar for tools? See the tweet here.

The Panels

They say children are our future, but this tweet went everywhere. I think Whitney Houston got it wrong. See the tweet here.

And if you didn't know this already, we need to stop using coal! See the tweet here.

K. I. S. S. Say it with me...keep it simple, stupid! See the tweet here.

You are what you eat...and what you grow, and what you use... See the tweet here.

Solar bike + DIY = awesomeness! See the tweet here.