Top Stories from Tonic: Green Power in Africa, Hydroponic Farming in Anguilla, Environmental Justice Competition, and More!


Just in time for South Africa to host the World Cup, a group of Harvard students have created a way to provide energy from a soccer ball. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the sOccket.

The Caribbean nation of Anguilla may be lush with tropical forests but it lacks the farms to eat fresh fruits and veggies. Enter hydroponic farming.

If you're into equality and all things green, definitely have a look at this contest from The Faces of Grassroots.

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First there were Tupperware parties. Then, sex toy shindigs. Now, The Emancipation Network is hosting get-togethers that sell purses and scarves by women who have once been sex slaves. All the proceeds go toward helping those women live fulfilling lives.

Conan O'Brien chose to follow Sarah Killen and she's used her new-found fame to raise money to fight breast cancer. Click here to help her find a cure.

Eddie Izzard hosted the Independent Spirit Awards, the Oscars -- if you will -- of small but mighty flicks that change our world. We took a few minutes to talk with him about why he'll never work for the Academy.

Monday Morning Quarterback columnist Peter King wants you to donate just five dollars to our troops in his campaign Five for Fighting.

Didn't quite know what all those documentaries were about during Sunday's Oscars? We've got the rundown on all the important issues they presented.

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