Top Stories from Tonic: Green Halloween, Solar Speed, 350 Photos and More!

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Get ready to Celebrate a Green Halloween in NYC! All Hallows Eve does not have to be exclusively dedicated to hedonism and morbidity. (Though a hefty dose of each wouldn't hurt ... )

Photo Gallery: International Day of Climate Action - showcasing the best 350 pics from Earth-fans around the globe

A solar car chase that'll blow your mind: The Amazing Green Race, as Courtney Rubin calls it.

Chevy asks drivers to name their special shades of Volt. Electric car in Electric Blue, anyone? Chaniga Vorasarun challenges you to Name That Volt.

Are gadgets getting too smart for our own good? Lisa Jo Rudy has the deets in Over-the-Top Technology.

Keep bleeding lurve. Leona Lewis Shows Her Animal Instincts, earning her "sexiest vegetarian" status. Thank you, David Jenison.

In Cleaning Up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Sarah Parsons gives us an update on that Bermuda Triangle of trash and the Project (Kaisei) that's determined to make it disappear.

A fresh, home-cooked organic breakfast waiting for you each morning at the push of a button - it's all possible! The Amazing All-In-One Breakfast Machine.

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