Top Stories From Tonic: Denying Climate Change Deniers


This week Tonic participates in Blog Action Day, the one-day, worldwide blog focus on climate change. To celebrate, you should read Tonic giving climate change deniers some frank talk, take note of the alterna-Nobel prizes (no Obama involvement, thankyouverymuch) and partake in some truly green tea.

Check out this week's highlights from Tonic.

  • David Bois has had it with climate change deniers. In honor of Blog Action Day, he vents.
  • We heard a lot of hullabaloo over the Nobel Prize recently, but we didn't hear about the alternate version: The Right Livelihood Award. They recognize scientific research and education; who's going to argue with that?
  • Tonic surfed the Earthwave, kinda.
  • National Parks got some good news from the Department of the Interior: oil drilling got put on hold near the parks.
  • Drink some truly green tea. You won't believe who's making it.

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