Top Gear Names 3rd Gen Toyota Prius "City Car of the Year" for 2009

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Not As Exciting as the Atom, But Gets the Job Done
The popular TV show Top Gear has just announced that the 3rd generation Toyota Prius won its City Car of the Year award for 2009 (the Prius also won Car of the Year in Japan). This is a bit surprising considering how much Jeremy Clarkson, the star host of the show, seems to go out of his way to find things to dislike about greener cars (even the Tesla Roadster, which he didn't review very honestly). Maybe he was out sick on the day when they picked a winner? Or more probably, his vote was drowned out by other votes from the Top Gear crew. In any case, the Prius won and Top Gear's editor Conor McNicholas even went as far as to call it "ground-breaking: "You have to admire the Prius," he said, "It's a testament to Toyota that it has refined this car over three generations to arrive at something quite ground-breaking."
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The release said:

Announced in the special awards issue magazine on now sale, Top Gear praised the technology of the new Prius and the "awesome numbers" of 72.4mpg and 89g/km for "a proper family five-door hatch".

"You have to admire the Prius. It's a testament to Toyota that it has refined this car over three generations to arrive at something quite ground-breaking," said Conor McNicholas, BBC Top Gear Editor.

The Top Gear awards are selected by the TV, magazine and online teams, reflecting the most exciting and innovative cars to be launched in the last 12 months.

What's too bad is that Toyota doesn't seem in a hurry to release either a plug-in version of the Prius (so far, only small numbers have been announced, and only for fleet customers) or a fully electric car. Let's hope that Toyota isn't resting on its laurels and is instead taking the Apple approach of not announcing future products too long in advance (as opposed to the Chevy Volt, which we've been hearing about for so long that there's a big danger that its actual launch will be anti-climactic).

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