Top Five - Toyota's hybrid concept vehicles

From automotive brawn to porn, Toyota look like they are out to capture all segments of the fast emerging low emission, fuel efficient vehicles. And given the kudos they are getting for their proven Prius hybrid sedan its easy to see why they want to capitalise on this success. Particularly as a Prius has just taken outright victory in the New Zealand run Energywise Rally 2004 with an impressive fuel consumption figure of just 4.02L / 100km (70.3 mpg). Take a peek at five eco brothers that Toyota are thinking of spawning from the Prius genes... [by WM]

The 'Highlander' has an electric hybrid engine and is a SUV engineered to meet the EPA's rating for a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle. They expect it to get 600 miles (965km) from a single tank.


The 'FTX' truck is powered by a V8 hybrid gas-electric engine that pumps out loads of torque while delivering V6 fuel efficiency.


Named after the inventor of the electric battery the 'Alessandro Volta' is a Giugiaro-designed carbon-fiber creation that sports a 408-hp Hybrid Synergy Drive (a 3.3-liter V6 with an electric motor for each axle), delivering 435 miles on a 13.7-gallon tank (or 700km for 52lts). For reasons unexplained it seats three people abreast and features "drive-by-wire" controls, allowing the steering wheel and pedals to be positioned in front of any one of them. Oh and as its looks might suggest it gets to 60mph (97kph) from the get-go in just 4 seconds.


The 'CS&S;' is a 4-wheel-drive mid-engine 2+2 sports car. Employing Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive,® an electric motor drives the front wheels, while a gas engine and electric motor in combination drive the rear.


With hydrogen fuel cells below the deck for a low center of gravity, and independent 4-wheel control the 'Fine S' is chasing exceptional drivability.

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