Top Five - Recycled paper products

We had a lot of interest in the Paper Vase we highlighted made from recycled magazines. Unfortunately it is no longer available. So thought we'd track down some appropriate replacements. Here are five examples of what we found. The ‘Radiator’ vase (shown here) is die cut from recycled newspaper and bound to create a dense fan or book page affect. A waterproof aluminium tube in the centre holds the flowers. $32 USD from Wishing Fish. The other innovative uses of recycled paper that follow are handmade in Brazil. A picture frame, handbag, cachet-pot, and an amazing looking evening bag/clutch. ::Wonders of the World [by WM]

Recycled Magazine Frame (Small). $38 USD


Brazilian Recycled Magazine Handbag. $79 USD


Recycled Newspaper Cachepot. $45 USD


Recycled Newspaper Weave Evening Bag. $73 USD