Top Five - Random Energy Sources

Hydrogen, fuel cells, wind turbines, and photovoltaics are the way of the future, but the clever thinking to make energy production green doesn’t stop there. We now give you the strangest sources of energy we’ve found so far.... [by KK]Coal-burning power stations are so last century when compared to slick new plants making power from poultry refuse.

It’s one thing to recycle plastic bottles into carpets, but Ozmoenergy turns non-degradable plastic into diesel.

What to do with the scungy buns and half-eaten burgers at McD’s? Convert it to methane, of course.

These two machines both chomp through landfill waste to produce oil, gas, and other forms of energy.

Lastly, good old-fashioned human power. Not so earth-shatteringly bizarre, unless you’re making ice cream with a yo-yo (similar US version here).