Top Five - Organic soft toys

So, maybe you haven't yet found a Toy Library nearby and and are still on the hunt for a green baby gift. Hopefully this selection of cuddlesome critters will fit the bill. Made with organic fibres they eschrew the many toxins found in most kid's toys. A baby's skin is said to be ten times thinner than an adults, so it more readily absorbs external chemicals. And conventional cotton uses a plethora of synthetic chemicals, from fertilisers to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and defoliants. Have a peek at these gentler options. [by WM]

Kallisto’s "Pony - Leyla"
100% organic cotton, with a tummy full of 100% wool, which they suggest doesn’t attract dust mites, so is good for munchins with allergies. Can be machine washed. Made in Germany. £25.99  ::Kallisto via Green Baby NB: Green Baby may not carry all of the Kallisto range.


Natures Fibres’ Teddy Bear
Pure organic cotton in natural colour. Seated he sits 31cm tall
£15.95 ::Nature’s Fibres

Foundling’s "Rabbit"
100% organic cotton skin, belly filled with unbleached cotton clippings. Embroidered eyes for added safety. Hand crafted in Vermont. $29.95 ::Foundlings

MaudnLil’s "Paws - the puppy dog"
Certified organic cotton outer, filled with organic wool. Hand stitched face, paws and curly tail. Also comes in chocolate colour. ::MaudnLil

Lana’s "Borsten Thorsten - the Pig"
100% natural organic cotton and wool. Made in Germany, $47.70 ::Lana via Maukilo

[PS. The white teddy @ the top is also a Kallistro from Green Baby.]