Top Five - Eco-Celebs

Whether their fame comes from the screen or directly from the eco-work they do, we think celebrities getting environmental issues into the public eye is great. It’s easy for mega-earning movie stars to throw money at the problems, and sometimes money can do a lot, but our favorite celebrities are the ones trying to make a difference by example, too. Here’s our top choices, in no particular order, from amongst the eco-celebs we’ve been telling you about. [by KK]We love model Angela Lindvall’s Collage Foundation, and she spends part of the year in an enviro-converted tugboat, too.

If you don’t know who William McDonough is, where have you been? As well as being co-author of green bible Cradle to Cradle, he’s had a hand in tons of products we’ve written about.

Edward Norton created the BP Solar Neighbors Program, helped out with the High Line, and contributes to many other philanthropic causes, environmental and otherwise.

Cameron Diaz is one of the most prominent in a growing Hollywood contingent of Prius drivers, and has been featured in PSAs to promote hybrids.

Last but far from least, rising star Danny Seo represents everything hip, trendy, and green.