Top Five - Bamboo

Friend to pandas, friend to TreeHuggers. Bamboo’s fast become one of our favorite eco-materials, as a quick search through the site shows. Why do we love it so? The useful part of bamboo is cut off without killing the root, so the grass keeps growing. That’s right—despite the woody texture and a strength several times that of some woods, bamboo is a grass. And it grows bloody quick, too. Our five faves hint at the hero-plant’s versatility, with a similar spread across the budget brackets. [by KK]Put your feet up on it: Nelson would be proud of 54Dean’s Georgie table.

Ride it: Bamboo Surfboards are 15% lighter than one made with non-renewable materials.

Build a kitchen with it: bamboo cabinets by Henrybuilt make a chic statement.

Eat off it: individually or as a two-for-one knife-fork, bamboo utensils beat boring (and energy-intensive) stainless cutlery any day.

Store your stuff in it: Modernlink’s Hudson credenza is pricy but pretty.