Top Chefs Help Michelle Obama in the Garden, Pierce Brosnan Speaks Out for Whales, and More

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Michelle Obama enlisted the help of chefs from around the country -- including Rachael Ray, Tom Colicchio, and Cat Cora -- for the next phase of her Let's Move! campaign, which is aimed at decreasing childhood obesity rates. The chefs showed up get their hands dirty in the White House Garden, harvesting vegetables from the White House garden and then showing schoolchildren how to wash them.The Chefs Move to Schools initiative counts on professional chefs to bring nutrition and health information to the 31 million kids who buy school lunches -- and, so far, nearly 1000 chefs have volunteered to partner with nearly 500 schools. "Children consume as many as half their daily calories at school," says the First Lady. "Chefs have tremendous power as leaders on this issue because of their deep knowledge of food and nutrition and their ability to deliver these messages in a fun and delicious way and I want to thank them for joining the Chefs Move to Schools campaign." (Via Ecorazzi)

Pierce Brosnan Speaks Out for Whales

Video via The Huffington Post

Actor Pierce Brosnan and Fred O'Regan, president of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, joined forces for a public service announcement and an open letter for The Huffington Post that asks President Obama to come out against a plan that would allow commercial whaling in Japan, Norway, and Iceland. The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986, but more than 30,000 whales have been killed since -- and recent meetings show the US losing influence in the talks while other countries fight for higher allowable quoats. "Mr. President, whales face more threats today than ever before," the actor says in the PSA, "like ship strikes, entanglement, pollution, loss of habitat and whaling...Please, do not support this International Whaling Commission Proposal. Together, we can end whaling."

Adam Gardner Goes Green for Love

Video via Planet Green

Guster frontman Adam Garder has used his ties to the music industry to green tours from Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper to Lilith Fair and The Fray as part of Reverb and the Green Music Group, and now he's offering up another challenge: eat local. Get your ingredients from nearby sources for one meal a day for a week -- and take pictures of your efforts -- and you could win an Ultimate Access Pass to Live Nation. But Gardner wasn't always such a green eater: He changed his habits because of his wife, Reverb co-founder Lauren Sullivan. "It was really my wife's environmentalism that rubbed off on me," Vegetarian Star reports. "Once we started living together, suddenly I was eating vegetarian, composting, walking everywhere, running the laundry machine in off-peak hours."

Leona Lewis Chooses Cruelty-Free Costumes

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Singer Leona Lewis, an outspoken defender of animal rights, has been clear about her distaste for fur and the the importance of a meat-free diet (she even convinced Simon Cowell to try Meat-Free Mondays) -- and fans who buy tickets for her current tour will see her sport a lineup of animal-friendly fashion during the show. The Sun quotes a source as saying, "She has insisted the outfits are as ethically sound as they can possibly be. She's paid for all the clothes out of her own pocket, so she has been quite hands-on in terms of design." But green fashion doesn't come cheap: The singer spent a reported $260,000 for her custom looks. (Via Mother Nature Network )

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