Top 5 posts on the G8 Summit Across the Green Blogosphere

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Calls for serious environmental leadership from the heads of state gathered at the G8 summit in Italy have rung out across the blogosphere this week. Here at TreeHugger Matthew McDemott implored Obama to live up to his promises, Grist got poetic about it, whilst Greenpeace, in their inimitable style, took direct action at Mount Rushmore. Click through to see who else got involved...Do Something: George Clooney brings G8 to the quake by C Kotter
"Our knight in shining armor, George Clooney, is in L'Aquila during this week's G8 summit but he isn’t mingling with the politicos, he’s meeting the people. George gone grass-roots?!"

Greenpeace UK: The G8 plummets in our estimations - weaker on climate than even the G20 by christian
"It's not good news from Italy, as the G8 manage to sneak under the already low bar for action on climate set by the G20 meeting in London in April. A lack of near-term targets, fiddling the figures to buy time, a lack of detail on committing funds..."

Grist: Climate-news poem: G8 edition by Katharine Wroth
"Congregate, heads of state, don’t be late, big G8
Planet’s fate, cannot wait,
Don’t stall debate or hesitate, designate your carbon rate..."

New Scientist: G8 emissions pledge is 'scientifically illiterate' by Fred Pearce
"It sounds big, but it just isn't enough. Leaders of the G8 industrial nations meeting in Italy this week are likely to agree that the world must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2050. That means cuts of 80 per cent among the rich nations."

Triple Pundit: International Climate Policy is in a Global Gridlock by David Bennett
"On Wednesday of this week, the G8 leaders failed to pass unanimously a climate bill to mandate a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. The group’s failure to agree is further evidence that international agreements on a global climate change policy are stalling."

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