Top 5 posts from Barcelona Climate Talks This Week

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All eyes are on the city of Barcelona this week, as the last round of climate talks take place before the campaign roadshow moves onto to its final destination in Copenhagen in December. So what advances have the international delegates made this week? Well progress looked doubtful when 50 African nations staging a boycott, as Matthew McDermott reported, but thankfully they rejoined the discussion after making their point for 24 hours. We tour the blogosphere to see what else has been going on at the talks in Barcelona this UPDATE From Barcelona - "Making it count" by Teresa Niño
"Barcelona, Spain is ground zero for the climate world this week--the last official UN negotiating session before the Copenhagen climate talks next month. I'm here with a few other members of the crew, working as hard as we know how to take the momentum you provided on Oct. 24 and put it to the best use. Check out this two-minute video we just made that shows some of the behind-the-scenes action here in Barcelona:"

De Smog Blog: A politically binding climate change agreement is great... if you're a politician by Kevin Grandia
"The biggest news coming out of the Barcelona climate talks being held this week is the re-framing of a successful climate change treaty as being one that is "politically binding" as opposed to "legally binding." With all the long hours I've been putting into to covering these climate talks, I'm sure my wife is wishing our marriage was a politically binding agreement, as opposed to a legal one."

Grist: Africa walks out on climate talks in Barcelona, citing lack of commitment from West by Brendan DeMelle
"Negotiations among more than 190 countries meeting in Barcelona to address climate change continued today, but only on certain matters, as delegates from 50 African nations collectively shut down the talks about how to extend the Kyoto Protocol when the first phase of the agreement expires in 2012."

TckTckTck: Welcomes negotiators to Barcelona climate talks with a wake up call
"Groggy delegates and observers arriving today in Barcelona for the final round of negotiations prior to Copenhagen were welcomed by TckTckTck's cacophony of 1,000 ringing alarm clocks piercing the morning air in front of the Fira Gran Via conference hall."

Triple Pundit: Barcelona Climate Talks: Waiting for America by Ben Jervey
"As the last round of "intersessional" climate talks before Copenhagen opened today in Barcelona, all eyes were looking in the same direction they were when we left Bangkok three weeks earlier: at the United States."

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