Top 5: Fancy Pants

Unfortunately, over the years, the illustrious tradition of treehugging has become synonymous with "back to nature" type clothes. Ratty hemp shirts, skirts made from quilters scraps, and the ubiquitous Birkenstock sandal. Even more frightening has been the extreme "clothing optional" ideology of some of the more extreme practitioners. But as a hip, modern Treehugger, there's no need for you to go bottomless. Here are some great pants to keep the breeze off you bum...First off, if it's hemp you must have, then IPath makes a great pair. Sturdy and comfortable, with plenty of pocket configurations, they've got one to fit your needs.

Or, if you'd just like to re-inject some flair into an old pair of your favorites, Argentinian design group JeansMakers will create you a one of a kind masterpiece from your oldies.

Patagonia has extended their line of recycled soda-bottle fabric to include not just fleeces, but also rugged performance pants. These Extension Cord pants look up for anything.

To make sure those new pants don't get chewed up by your bike chains, slap on a pair of Reflexite Trouserbands. With built in reflectors, you won't get chewed up by cars either.

And, as with all treehugging habits, it's best to start young. So swaddle your little ones in Speeses organic cotton pants -- and shirts, hats, and jumpers.