Top 5: Designs From Stilic Force

The intelligent minds behind the out-of-the-box products at French design firm Stilic Force are minimalist, modern, and often exceedingly simple. Which is, of course, exactly why we adore them. Though not every item is made from totally TreeHugger materials, their conceptual thinking is generally right on. Take for example, ZeroGravity, a spiral cord that attaches to a ceiling to which you can affix those things that somehow seem to disappear exactly when you need them, like the remote, or a set of keys. Think that the word "workout" carries an intrinsic contradiction if you're forced to do it indoors? Hop on the Pirog (above), a rowing machine on wheels that you can whiz through the park on... Can't stand the thought of throwing your best bag on the floor when you arrive au bistro? Use the portable Bagboy keychain-hook to keep it muss-free. And for I (heart) the 90's-types who insist that Razor scooters are God's gift to running errands (they def get eco-street cred), the Trottibasket provides enough room to hit the bodega and the newsstand, while leaving one hand free for a Starbucks. And "because putting the trash can in the bag is easier than putting the bag in the trash can," (can you say OCD?) the minimalist Standbag reverses the tables on a drab daily chore. ::Stilic Force [by MO]

ceiling cord.jpg

key stand.jpg