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Tonic (a media company that makes it easy to do good) has posted 50 of the hottest people making a difference for the world. These do-gooders are blazing their trail with humor, style and grace. Lots of these hotties are of the green-persuasion maybe even more than just green-curious! The list is filled with bartenders, designers, fashionistas and entrepreneurs giving everyone something to look at and read about. You'll be happy to see some familiar cuties along with other fresh new faces. Regardless, get ready to get your eco-crush on! Tonic's top 50 comes at the same time as the highly anticipated People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People issue is released. Where the People's list may or may not have A-listers that have gone green, the Tonic list is full of folks that have made social/environmental-responsibility a life-long career, sometimes, long before there was either money or attention paid to saving the planet. The directory of gorgeousness is a celebration and salute to the 50 men and women for doing their best to create beauty where there is so often only ugliness.

Deeper than Flesh
Beauty, in this case, is not just skin deep so don't expect the normal blah, blah, blah — a few of the people from the top ten include Ankur Jain, Dannette Hoarde, Jennifer Venditti and Doc Hendley — doing everything from providing clean water to the needy to giving voice to the plight of incarcerated women. The high standards of the media company brought together people such as Ron Gonen, Rachel Maddow and Christy Coleman. Plus, there are delightful surprises such as Linda Malamy, the 4 foot 10 inch, 68-year-old model cast by Isaac Mizrahi for the Liz Claiborne's spring 2009 ad campaign.

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Hot is the New Green
The group represents some of the sharpest minds and most dedicated individuals in contemporary society today working to make change a reality. What's really attractive about the Tonic list is that everyone on it is doing something besides just sitting around looking pretty. The 50 Most Beautiful People was slowly, teasingly rolled out in sets of 10 over the last week. Lisa Germinsky, the author for the list, does a great job of expressing the greatest quality of these amazing people with wit and brevity. Though, Tonic claims that there is "no particular order" for who is where on the lists I kinda think they saved the best for last because I just can't get enough of their choice of number 50 of course, I could be a little prejudice due to it being me :)

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