Tone Tubby Hempcone Speakers for Musicians


What's the difference between the Hempcone and a paper cone? Well fortunately that is one the questions asked, and answered, by the Brown Soun Inc. website. They aren't using hemp for their speaker paper because it is green, but rather because it simply does the job better. "Basically the Hempcone just produces more frequencies then you have ever heard out of a paper cone. It has more bass response, better mids and a sweeter high range unlike a paper cone's shrill highs and lack of true bass response. There is no cone cry or ghost notes with the Hempcone. The Hempcone also loves power. It increases the 20 watt paper cone Tone Tubby speaker to a 40 watt speaker." They put this improvement in high frequency and operating bandwidth down to hemp's greater strength and stiffness compared to paper. Plus they suggest sound passes through hemp faster than tree paper allowing for "more dispersion of acoustical energy." Uh huh. Just connect up your hempstone guitar and you'll be a'rocking. Apparently these professional grade speakers are so well liked that home and car speakers are on the drawing board too. ::Tone Tubby.