Tom Hanks Writes a Letter to the New Yorker About his Electric Car

"the fastest, most effective windshield defroster known to mankind"
Tom Hanks wrote a letter to the New Yorker setting the record straight about his electric car. He's replying to an article by Peter J. Boyer (which he says is "otherwise spot on") that assumed that Hanks had a GM EV1 and "watched the emission-free car be wrested from my garage, towed away, and busted up into pieces of metal, glass, and rubber smaller than razor blades." Well, that's not the case. Hanks had, and still has, a Toyota RAV4 EV. More details below.Tom Hanks writes:

[By] the time I began shopping for an all-electric car, in 2003, the EV1 had already been yanked from showrooms as if the car had never existed. Instead, I found what was purported to be the very last electric car available for sale in the state of California—a Toyota EV. It had four doors, a rear hatch, room for my family, including a dog in the back, power windows, A/C, a great sound system, and the fastest, most effective windshield defroster known to mankind. When the car companies collectively, and, to some, diabolically, decided to take these cars back, the electric vehicles disappeared. But not mine. I have the pink slip. I own that car, and it is still driven every day, albeit by one of my crack staff of employees. My electric car recently crossed fifty thousand miles on the odometer with its original battery but without so much as a splash of gasoline.

What I'm curious about is, if the RAV4 EV is driven by one of his employees, what does Mr. Hanks drive now? With his financial resources, he could probably be an early adopter again (and help finance the next models which will be more affordable). A Tesla Model S maybe?

Aren't Celebrities Hypocrites?
Now I know what some of you are thinking. Who care if Q'orianka Kilcher drives a Honda FCX hydrogen car, right? But I'd much rather see them promote electric cars than blinged out Hummers, and if it makes the Entertainment Tonight viewer ask carmakers "Hey, where's my electric car?" instead of "Hey, don't you have a bigger SUV?", that's better than nothing. If companies don't feel that people want electric cars, they won't even try.

Via The New Yorker
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