Tokion Magazine's Tree Fund

Tokion Magazine is hip with its glamorous photos of fashion, music and pop culture and they even have a successful shop in New York City. But when it came down to it, they admit that they felt guilty about what they produce. No, not because of those cool articles, but because of the resources they use. After doing some research Tokion learned that a total of 9,500 magazines are published regularly in the United States and out of that number about 90% of them are discarded within that year. For example, a magazine like National Geographic, with its monthly circulation of close to 10 million copies, consumes roughly a million trees per year. And think about all those damn catalogues we get unwillingly! After speaking with their own printers and paper suppliers, Tokion figured, with it’s bi-monthly schedule, that they use and would need to replant roughly 840 trees per issue... This equals about 5,000 trees per year. This would give back to the environment the amount of trees they take from it each year to create their magazine. Tokion’s project is one that will be in effect for many years in urban neighborhoods around the world. The first phase of the project began in 2000 in Los Angeles and in 2003 alone, Tokion raised $38,000 for their Tree Fund. If you’re interested in helping Tokion out, you can either volunteer to plant trees (send an email to: or send in a donation (The Tokion Tree Fund, 78 Clinton St., 1st Fl., NYC 10002). You are also invited to do some guerilla tree planting in your own area and Tokion promises to match funds with you to buy the trees. Think about it, just one Saturday of your time would make a very happy neighborhood, and some very happy trees. Send an email to: for more info. Thanks for the tip, Jessica S.! ::Tokion [by KD]