Today's Top Tweets from SXSW Eco


If you don't know by now, SXSW Eco starts tomorrow in Austin, Texas. The three-day event will included everyone from eco-celebs like Philippe Cousteau Jr to laypeople like myself. But don't worry, if you cannot attend...we are here to keep you in the loop. Check back daily for interesting tweets, photos and interviews. Here are just a few tweets we saw today as attendees started arriving. And remember, if you are here at south-by, hash your tweets with #SXSWEco to get in on the action.

Our social media editor, Chris Tackett, talks about staying on top of the local scene. Get the latest from Alt News. Local is best.

Practically Green is in the know for how to stay connected. Of course, you need a smartphone or at least a friend with a smartphone (which is a lot cheaper). The SX iPhone App!

Just one of the great .orgs joining SXSW Eco. The Sierra Club!

Of course, getting here isn't always easy! My plane was delayed too. Is it?

And once you are here, you of course need someone to eat with, right? Keep an eye out on our Twitter feed, we're all about the Happy Hour here at TreeHugger. Drinks anyone.

There are many great food options! If you haven't been to Austin before, don't leave without trying Migas. Yum! Who is hungry?

Tomorrow is the official first day and I have a feeling it is going to be green in more ways than one. Happy SXSW!